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Unveiling the Symbol: Arabian Health Journeys Logo Explained

The 'Arabian Health Journeys’ logo highlights a red cross with a white heart line, reflecting their devotion to healthcare and compassion. The white lines on each side of the heart represent heartbeats, emphasising its continuous support and care. The gold crescent moon shows their affiliation with Arab culture. Through its logo, Arabian Health Journeys communicates it provides healthcare services designed for Arab communities with a caring approach.

Arabian Health Journeys logo explanation

A Symphony of Transformation: From Deejays to Doctors - A Journey of Healing and Change


Roque Quadros' switch from entertainment to healing was a transformative experience. He was a pioneer in the entertainment and events industry, creating joyous experiences through lively parties and DJ beats. A longing for meaningful engagement persisted within him.

Roque had considered starting a medical tourism service, but his entertainment lifestyle held him back. The Covid Outbreak changed everything unexpectedly. It prompted him to reevaluate priorities and recognize the power to make a positive impact.

During his encounter with his mentor in Dubai in May 2023, Roque's passion for medical tourism was reignited. His desire to assist those in need was rekindled after the meeting.

With a 30-year career in travel and events, Roque Quadros gained invaluable insights in catering to international clients, becoming a pioneer in event management. His event management and travel expertise gave him a unique perspective for starting a medical tourism service.

​This path proved to be Roque Quadros' true purpose when he shifted from the entertainment industry to the field of healing. Roque's journey serves as a reminder that following one's heart and turning a passion into a purpose can bring comfort, healing, and joy to those around us.

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