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ROCKYS - Entertainment - Events - Medical Tourism - Martial Arts

ROCKYS T.E.A.M." encompasses a spectrum of services, each represented by the acronym.

ROCKYS TEAM is a multifaceted company that encompasses various services under its umbrella. It comprises four main divisions:

1. Travel: ROCKYS TEAM offers travel-related services, including medical tourism through Arabian Health Journeys, which focuses on facilitating healthcare services for individuals seeking medical treatment in different locations.

2. Events: The company handles event management, catering to a range of occasions such as MICE events, weddings, and corporate events.

3. Artists: Under the artists management division, ROCKYS TEAM provides entertainment solutions, including bands and acts for events and performances.

4. Martial Arts Academy: This division, known as Rocky's Martial Arts Academy, focuses on fitness and martial arts training.

In essence, ROCKYS TEAM is a comprehensive organization that caters to various needs, from travel and medical tourism to event planning, entertainment, and fitness through martial arts training.


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