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As the author of this empowering book, I’m thrilled to introduce a value-added incentive that goes beyond the pages. When you purchase my book, you’re not just gaining valuable insights—you’re also unlocking a door to a one-on-one conversation with me, where we can dive deeper into your aspirations and goals. Here’s how this exciting opportunity works:

1. THE OFFER EXPLAINED: Immerse yourself in the knowledge contained within my book, and as a token of appreciation, receive a complimentary 15-minute personalized consultation session. Whether you’re considering venturing into the event management industry or seeking guidance on pursuing a thriving career in events, this exclusive offer is tailored to empower your journey.

2. WHAT TO EXPECT: During our insightful 15-minute conversation, we’ll delve into the topics most relevant to you. Whether you’re eager to launch your own event management venture or eager to gain a foothold in this vibrant industry, I’m here to provide guidance, advice, and a roadmap tailored to your aspirations.

162 | Elevate Your Book

3. SPREADING THE WORD: Join me on this journey by spreading the word about this unique offer.

4. THE VALUE YOU’LL GAIN: Imagine the insights you’ll gather from our focused conversation—expertise distilled from my years in the events industry. This personalized session is a chance to gain a competitive edge, a strategic plan, or even a burst of inspiration, all customized to your journey.

5. TAILORED JUST FOR YOU: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all interaction. I’m committed to personalizing our talk to align with your dreams and goals. Your success story matters, and this conversation is designed to propel you toward it. This unique opportunity is more than a token—it’s a chance to connect, to learn, and to grow. By taking your book experience a step further, you’re investing in a personalized journey toward success in the events industry. Together, we’ll unlock doors and create pathways to achievement.

6: REACH ME: WhatsApp: +91 8329927529 / +97155 6673458 | LINKEDIIN:


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